About Lotta in English

Results are achieved by people. Helping people develop to their full potential and liberating the resources hidden within individuals, groups and businesses are two of my main drives.

I offer business-oriented consultancy services in the field of organization development. Working closely with my customers, values are created through jointly focusing on management, leadership and the development of each individual.

My customer base includes complex organizations that, to drive strategies and processes along, need structured “businessmanship”. It also includes small companies in need of concrete knowledge transfer and the implementation of change initiatives in their operations.

My work is characterized by energy and commitment. I am proactive and suggest solutions. So that you can readily measure my results, I use a variety of measurement tools.

My background includes 12 years as a member of a global management team. Not surprisingly, I always keep the complete picture and business benefit in sharp focus.

Up until 2013, I was the Organizational Development Director at SWEP, a company in Landskrona, Sweden. Besides some 900 employees split between six factories, SWEP also has sales offices worldwide. I now run Holmqvist Development Consulting and am based in Lund.

A development resource

Healthy companies are the result of people achieving their full potential

All the advice I give is practical, concrete and implementable. Each project is unique. I necessarily work very closely with you, the customer. How we actually set about a task depends on the nature of the assignment and the goals that you, as the customer, wish to reach.

For certain customers, my work is a critical factor in the success of their businesses. For others, I am a resource that can be called on for strategic choices of direction and practical leadership.

Our joint starting point is that you, as the customer, believe in the development of human resources. You also believe that each employee can reach his or her full potential and that this is good for your enterprise.

My role
Whatever my eventual role, I deliver measurable values that are specific to your business. I can be everything from a fly on the wall (seeing what nobody else sees) to a resource that works closely with the CEO or the HR department. It may also be that I end up running a project or working with team building or serving as a coach. Well-proven methods and tools are used for and in all assessments and work.

Organization development

From management teams to shopfloor staff, from single individuals to the entire organization.  

Management and leadership
Management and leadership are phenomena that have been researched, written about and given a great deal of thought. A large number of theories and models can now be called upon. I turn these theories into practical knowledge that is immediately accessible in your organization. A manager who feels secure in his or her abilities finds it easier to exercise true leadership and have greater impact. He or she also has more fun!

Examples of my services

  • Tailor-made leadership programs for your organization or an individual or individuals in your organization
  • Management team development
  • Coaching (individual or group)
  • Recruitment
  • Conflict management
  • Inspirational talks

My work with your employees
Everyone can develop and reach their full potential. This is true for creativity and ability alike. To take personal responsibility for and achieve development, each person simply needs to realize the possibility of development.

Thus, how are we to put the “development sparkle” into employees’ eyes? A first step is to make observations on the current position and offer suggestions on the development initiatives necessary to create “employee empowerment”. Organizations need employees who feel good, have fun, develop and perform!

Examples of my services

  • Tailor-made employee programs for your organization or an individual or individuals in your organization
  • Team building
  • Coaching (individual or group)
  • Recruitment
  • Conflict management
  • Inspirational talks

“Maximizing” an organization

The secret of all victory lies in the organization of the non-obvious

Marcus Aurelius, AD 121 – 180o

For people to reach their full potential and express their creativity, each organization needs an environment and a structure that promotes such development and expression.

Inside organizations, there is a common desire that everyone should pull in the same direction and know why they are doing this. We also want there to be lots of creativity. Via goals, visions, missions, strategies and processes, some parts of the work of turning these desires into reality are visible and measurable. Others are not so visible or so easy to measure. In all cases, giving visible form to everything relating to company culture, values, attitudes and behavior is necessary and extremely valuable.

Methods and techniques give visible form to and measure things that it may be thought are invisible and unmeasurable. Organizations can achieve maximization when everyone performs at the peak of their abilities and victories are won “together”.

Examples of my services

  • Tailor-made culture and attitude programs
  • Tailor-made value programs
  • Coaching and training in how to create multicultural groups and companies

Methods and tools

Success is 15% due to technical knowledge and 85% due to personality,

Dale Carnegie, 1888 – 1955

For me, it is vital that what I do leads to results. That is why I use well-proven methods that enable you to measure change. However, a method is only a method and, to devise a tailor-made development initiative, it is important that I study and understand the company, team or person I am to work with. I also make a distinction between active and passive methodology. Thus, I sometimes take an active role as a project manager or a resource for HR. Equally, I am sometimes a fly on the wall seeing what nobody else sees.

A few methods/roles

  • Coaching (executive, individual, group)
  • Program developer in issues relating to leadership, cultural change, mentorship and trainee programs
  • Facilitator
  • Team building
  • Organization design
  • Speaker
  • Advisor/consultant

Some powerful tools

  • Concepts for interview and survey forms
  • Coaching leadership
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Gordon Personal Inventory (GPI), Myers and Briggs type indicator (MBTI), BAS IQ, Matrigma, Hogans Assessment Systems (HAS), Decision Dynamics JTI, the predictive index system (PI)

Customer feedback

“Lotta’s contribution leaves its mark on many parts of our organization.”
“Lotta is good at assessing people and understanding the reasons for their behavior. She is a good coach.”
“Lotta offers a unique balance of logic and intuition.”
“Lotta has done a great job to put the whole management team together.”
“This is a good program for managers!”
“I learnt some good points and skills necessary for being a manager and a leader.”
“Lotta has shown creative inspiration. She comes up with new angles and opportunities when looking at strategic options.”
“Lotta’s talk on female/male communication was a highlight. She was bright, happy and knowledgeable. She really captured the audience.”
“Lotta has the ability to create contact with the group in a relaxed and personal manner.”
“Lotta gave a fantastic talk. Not a single redundant point!”
“Lotta has the experience and expertise that, combined with her personality, inspire great trust. On top of that, her initiatives lead to remarkable changes!”

Lotta Holmqvist, +46 (0)703 94 19 14, lotta@lottaholmqvist.se

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